Ass-kicker: White supremacist Derek Vinyard
Victim: Unnamed black guy who’s trying to steal Derek’s father’s truck

There’s only two ways a person can stare at the above scene from American History X without either shutting one’s eyes or covering one’s eyes with his or hands: They’re either blind or their eye-lids are propped open Clockwork Orange style. Otherwise, they’re one desensitized son of a bitch.

Edward Norton is a force of nature in the film, playing a neo-Nazi skinhead who’s the worst kind of influence on his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong). Lucky little bros get to watch their older male siblings kick it to girls, but not Danny; his role model forces a black kid, who’s trying to truck-jack his daddy’s whip, to lie on his stomach and bite down on the curb. We’ll let you witness the rest for yourself, but just know that it involves a human skull getting cracked in half like a cashew. Good luck chewing for the rest of the day.