Founded in 1995, eBay has become one of the premier Web destinations and one of the go-to places to buy and sell goods you can't get elsewhere; it's helped change the way people shop on the Internet. Along the way, people have gotten scammed and conned, but user confidence has also grown tremendously thanks to new buyer protection rules. Confidence has grown to the point where ballers now feel comfortable dropping stacks on stacks on stacks on whatever they're bidding on. Case in point: Celebrities and regular rich folk have dropped thousands—UK artist Tinie Tempah dropped $37,500(!)—to cop the limited-edition Nike Air Mags. The first 150 pairs of the show raised over $1 million, the profits from which went to the Michael J. Foxx Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Sounds like a grip, right? It would if you had no idea how much money people have dropped on eBay over the years. From space rocks to private jets, these are the 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Items Ever Sold On eBay. Happy bidding.

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