In the new romantic comedy What's Your Number? (in theaters this Friday), Anna Faris goes on a mission to track down "the ones that got away" by revisiting all of her previous failed relationships. Watching the flick's trailer, we couldn't help but take a stroll down a memory lane of our own.

Faris' character, a desperate gal who fears perennial singlehood, makes the executive decision to look for love in all the wrong places (again), which got us thinking about some of the finest exercises in poor judgment unleashed by our favorite big and small-screen characters; more specifically, the crazy exes, bootycalls, and paramours that we wish got just a little more airtime.

Our picks run the gamut from entertainingly eccentric to straight-up scary, but they all share one thing in common: hotness. Some lack common sense, others lack consciences, but the last thing these sexy scene-stealers are is boring. In honor of our favorite blasts from the past, check out the the 10 Hottest Crazy Exes From Movies And TV.