Crave follows food writer Troy Johnson across the country as he hunts down the ideal incarnation of his food cravings each week. You don't even need to watch the show to know that what he's searching for is not of the green, calorie conscious variety, but instead includes fat-activating foods like fried chicken, ice cream, and pizza.

Our issue is not that these foods are the nation's leading cause of muffin tops, but more that we already crave these foods! So watching Johnson indulge in some of our favorite things at 3:30 a.m. (when his show often airs), when we're either drunk, hungry, or high is just too much for us to take! White Castle is still open and our willpower is not strong! After seeing him get his food fix, you can bet we'll be out the door getting ours too, and when we wake up with a food (and alcohol) hangover, it's Mr. Johnson's ass that will be on the line.