Airport: O'Hare International Airport (Chicago)
Location: Terminal 1

Rick Bayless' peerless addition to Chicago's airport throws out the rulebook. How many airport eateries list the farms their ingredients come from? How many airport eateries are committed to upholding the traditions of any ethnic cuisine—in this case, Mexican—like Bayless is? How many airport eateries make a perfectly balanced margarita? Or fresh guacamole? Nowhere else in America is this the case. Tortas Frontera may not be the fastest place (that would be the soul-killing McDonald's right next door), but you're getting authentic Mexican griddle-baked sandwiches full of ingredients like beer-braised beef short ribs and smokey chipotle chicken, all from the mind and hands of the dude who was under serious consideration to be the White House Executive Chef for the Obamas. We plan our trips around connections at O'Hare just to eat here. You will too.