Imagine place where repeatedly slapping a woman’s ass, breasts, and face is not only considered therapeutic, but done in pursuit of greater aesthetic appeal. No, moron, it’s not a strip club, because you’ll get your arm snapped by some failed defensive lineman for even looking like you’ve thought about doing that shit.

This reshaping goes down at Bangkok’s lone government-approved body-slapping beauty shop. For nearly two decades, Khemmikka Na Songkhla has literally been whipping women in to shape; slapping them on the boobs, butt, and face to make those areas of the body more shapely and symmetrical.

According to the brilliant slapstress featured in the video, this technique is an “ancient art,” but not one that people shared because nobody cared about breast size back then. In today’s image-conscious climate, the ancient practice has been resurrected, and Madame Speedbag believes she is “the only one who can practice this wisdom.” We're sure there are a ton of touchy-feely men and women out there who would dispute that, but judging by her Mayweather-like hands, she may be right. We’re just interested in seeing whether or not this method make its way around the globe.

[via Gawker]