On the other hand, chances are low that you’ll hear the likes of Rihanna or Teri Hatcher touching upon the nasty subject of scatophagy, which, for those of you who don’t know, is what you witnessed that fateful day one of your boys urged you to click on a seemingly innocent-sounding link titled “2 Girls, 1 Cup.” Though the subject of watching others poop has been raised on occasion, there’s yet to be any plotline hatched involving prospective diners.

Not that we’re sad about that. While Sunny’s had more than its fair share of gross-out moments, we aren’t quite sure we’re ready to see one of the cast members take that leap (or, em, bite). However, if it had to be anyone, our guess would be Mac. Judging from the promos, it looks like our boy has packed on some pounds this season. Could a revenge-seeker possibly slip the hungry star a peacemaking snack laced with a few “special ingredients"? Blerf. We’d rather not think about it.