Now, as grimy as they can be at times, we feel pretty certain that no self-respecting member of the Philly crew would knowingly hook up with a corpse—knowingly being the key word here (eating human meat is one thing, y'know?). However, we’ve got to say that we wouldn’t put an accidental tryst out of the question. Here’s why: With all of the sexual mishaps that occur on the show, wouldn’t it just be Charlie or Dennis’ luck to have a chick literally pass away mid-session? (Maybe attributed to a heart attack.)

That said, we’re sure the two aren’t strangers to having girls fall asleep on them during sex, and likely wouldn’t realize their theoretical ladyfriend had croaked until all was said and done. Come to think of it though, Dennis seems just skeevy enough to opt for another round…provided he knew no one would ever find out about it.