As comedies like It’s Always Sunny are all about keeping it timely by slipping in the occasional reference to current events and pop culture, we can already predict how this would go:

1. Some scenario occurs that causes the gang to heckle the shit out of Dee about her oversized feet. (The chick is taller than most of those dudes; big-ass feet come with the territory.)

2. In a huff, Dee storms out to catch an afternoon showing of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. (Why? We don’t know. Maybe to look like a cultured dame? Or perhaps because something better was sold out.)

3. Dee starts entertaining the idea of foot binding as a potential solution to her problems.

(Don’t worry; as is often the case, we’re sure some form of divine intervention would occur before she pulls the trigger. Were it Charlie, though, the foot would probably be as good as fucked.)