In celebration of its recent sports day, the Sacred Heart School in Chiang Mai, Thailand organized teams according to color. One of the activities was a team parade, and the red team decided they wanted to dress like Nazis. Some participants even went so far as to imitate Hitler, mustache and all. When the Simon Wiesenthal Center got wind of this, they were pissed.

According to Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center, there’s no way the event could’ve happened without the knowledge and approval of school administration. Cooper also added that this is not the first time Nazi attire has appeared in Thailand. In 2007, another ethnically insensitive parade took place at a school in Bangkok that involved 200 students. Even after that mishap, the ironically named rock band Slur rocked Nazi uniforms in one of their videos.

An apology has been posted on the school website, and a letter was sent to the Israeli embassy. The ambassador accepted the apology, believing the parade was “out of ignorance,” rather malice. The actions of the Nazis are as infamous as their “look,” so how can you research one without learning about the other?

[via Gawker]