You’re going to have to watch the latest trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken multiple times to soak in all of the information they’ve dumped on us.  Four more characters are now confirmed for the roster, including favorites like Zangief and Heihachi.  Rolento, of Final Fight fame, is a welcomed addition and Tekken 5's Lili rounds out the newly announced combatants. 

The big news, however, is the Pandora mechanic which allows you to sacrifice your tag-team partner in exchange for a “huge power boost.”  It also makes you turn purple for some unknown mysterious reason.  The good news is, it doesn’t appear that the Pandora move is designed to be a comeback maneuver as there is significant risk in using it. 

The Scramble mode allows four players to each control a separate character in a match.  This can be done either online of offline and should lead to some pretty hilarious arguments when combined with the ability to sacrifice your teammate to gain a power boost:  "Hey, why did you sac me, bro? I was at full health?"  Lastly, Street Fighter X Tekken will allow teammates to spar and practice their combos together in the Briefing Room, which is basically an online training mode. 

Street Fighter X Tekken is shaping up to be a wild and jam-packed fighting game and fans of both franchises will be lining up to purchase this bad boy when it releases in March 2012. 

[via Kotaku

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