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The world of Shalanon Brooks is in shambles because Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California rescued her dog and then apparently lost it. Brooks decided to leave her Pomeranian Malibu, a “doctor prescribed" dog "for emotional support,” in her car while she enjoyed all the rides.

So why did Brooks leave her support dog in her car in eighty-degree weather? Because the strap of her dog carrying-case had broken, and she figured the dog would be fine if the windows were cracked and it was left food and water. When security noticed the dog (which they thought was dead), they broke into the car to remove it. It was then taken over to the park’s free kennel, where the staff revived the dog and gave it water. Sensing an opportunity to finally escape the madness, the dog sprinted out of the kennel while her water was being refilled.  

Six Flags spokesperson Susan Carpenter stated that security followed park policy to rescue any animal left in a car. However, Brooks is angry that her dog was lost—even though it was technically rescued—and doesn’t seem to understand that she jeopardized its life. In addition, the park is not responsible for any pets, even when they’re in the kennel.

We get that the dog was “doctor prescribed” and that people develop emotional attachments to their pets. But if Brooks couldn’t take the dog into the park, why not just take it to the free kennel? Also, what doctor decided that she was fit to take care of an animal?

We hope Malibu is safe, but please watch the video. Brooks does everything but thank the Academy.

[via CBS2]