EA and Klei Entertainment have revealed Shank 2 is well underway and heading for a 2012 release. The direct sequel to last year’s hit action game brings back everyone beloved former mob hitman for even more intense action and 2D brawling.

Shank 2 is also being billed as a bit of fan service as Klei Entertainment has taken a ton of fan feedback from the original game and implemented it into the sequel. According to Klei founder Jamie Cheng, “we literally took apart the game and put it back together to push the envelope in combat mechanics, visuals, and 2D animation in games."

In addition to an all new story and improved gameplay, Shank 2 will also give players a chance to team up with friends in an all new cooperative mode. Gamers can follow the development of Shank 2 at the official blog that has been launched on the official Shank website. The game is currently being planned for release on the Xbox Liva Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC some time in 2012.

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