New York-based comedian Louis C.K. has become more of a household name recently thanks to his hit show Louie on F/X, which, to be honest, is incredibly strange television. In 22-minute bursts, the comedian (who writes, shoots, and edits each episode) blends snippets of his stand-up shows with bizarre scenarios involving his two young daughters, the New York subway's petri dish of insanity, creepy sex, and overeating. While the show ranges from hit to miss, Louis C.K.'s stand-up show is really where he gets to shine, with jokes about bags of dicks, obesity, and the petty selfishness of humanity.

All cock jokes aside, his observations of 21st-century American life carry the tradition of comedy that pioneers like Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks established — unapologetic, brutally honest and hilarious.

These shows have been selling out FAST, by the way.

Louis C.K.
Thursday, October 6
8 p.m.
Mahalia Jackson Theater
1319 Basin St., New Orleans

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