Ryan Keely says: "She's been one of the top glamour models for the past 10 years. She's been in innumerable magazines. She's 5'10, statuesque and so sexy. She's a Playboy model, she's a Penthouse pet and more importantly, she's my webmaster who also does photography and video work.

She has a degree in film, which most people don't know about her. She graduated with honors. She chose to work in the adult industry and killed it. She's one of the most recognizable faces. She decided she was going to learn how to run her own site and she kills it. Every single day I'm impressed with her work ethic, how organized she is, how smart she is, and what an amazing business woman she is, on top of being a fabulous model.

She's fantastic in the bedroom. I spent all last weekend having sex with her; it was in a professional setting. I love my job."