Various job listings posted on IO Interactive's website may have inconveniently outed the existence of Kane & Lynch 3. The ads, which were spotted this morning, seek programmers to work on an "unannounced third-person game with strong cooperative multiplayer elements." The listing from the Danish studio, currently working on Hitman Absolution, is looking to hire someone for the as-yet-revealed AAA action title. 

So other than Mini Ninjas and the aforementioned Hitman franchise, what other title could they be referencing? Kane & Lynch 2 also featured "strong co-op multiplayer elements," including campaign co-op and a co-operative multiplayer mode that relied on players using teamwork to complete various objectives. Despite the average reviews, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was a hit with gamers, and was even considered to be adaptated to a live-action film starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx.

Distributor Square Enix has yet to announce a sequel, so for now, consider this a rumor. We'll keep you posted as more develops.

[via VG247]