If you get a kick out of the Old Spice marketing videos, then you'll love Trion Worlds' new video promoting their Ascend-A-Friend referral program.  Random crown.  If you manage to lure one friend into playing Rift, you will receive Courage, a corgi companion pet.  Large book.  A second friend nabs you a stylish trailblazer's hat and a third referral allows you to ride on a nightmarish flaming horse.  Jewel-encrusted scepter.  Here are the other perks of the Ascend-A-Friend program:

  • Your Ascended friends' characters will receive the Novitiate's Phylactery, a trinket that increases all experience gained by 5% until level 20!
  • You and your friends will be able to summon one another once every 30 minutes.
  • Your Ascended friends’ characters will be automatically added to your Friends List, and your characters will be added to theirs.
  • Your Ascended friends will earn the in-game title, “The Chosen.”