It has a deeper story and a more effective narrative. It has traded its militaristic feel in for a new, survival tone. It even has a new protagonist; exit deceased Nathan Hale, and enter Joe Capelli.

Yet some things just haven’t changed in the newly-released Resistance 3. The third go-round of Insomniac’s humans-fight-for-survival FPS may have more depth and character development, but it’s still all about killing the Chimera. And more Chimera. And then even more Chimera.

You get plenty of weaponry for this task, too. Some are old (think Rossmore and Auger), and some are new (hello, Cryogun that we’re not allowed to talk too much about...sigh), but by the end of the game, Capelli will have 12 different guns to work with. In a series first, each weapon can be upgraded by two levels, adding functionality and power and turning Capelli into one serious badass by game’s end. And in a nod to the first game, the Weapon Wheel returns, allowing Capelli to stockpile all his tools of destruction as the game progresses.

Last week, we brought you exclusive screenshots of the seven sexiest zombies of Dead Island. Today we're presenting you with an exclusive, up-close look at the weapons of Resistance 3. With the exception of that top-secret Cryogun, of course. (Then again, the prefix “cryo-“ means “to freeze,” right? Wonder what it does...)