Though rumors have been floating around for a while, it seems things have finally come to a head for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita, who, according to a source talking to People Magazine, has quit the series.

"Jacqueline [Laurita] definitely quit. She had to walk away for her sanity," the source said of the situation. Since it seems like there was some drama, we can only hope she stuck around long enough for the cameras to catch it...

Anyway Laurita's more recent tweets pretty much back this up, with one reading, "I feel nauseous and feverish. No reunion for me. Sorry guys. XOXO!" Another, "2b honest.I'm tired of the BS &shitty low life people.I didn't know this was what I signed up 4.I have 2rise above&move on." And another, "I can't be part of the Charade anymore. It's unsettling. It's disturbing & against what I stand for. I'm a REAL housewife." Hmm, she sounds mad.

So, what do we think - PR stunt, or the real deal?

[Via People]