As much as people may tell you that size doesn't matter, we're pretty sure it does in this case.  According to a recent interview, RAGE has a hefty 8GB install for the PS3 and takes up three discs on the Xbox 360, which they recommend you transfer to your hard drive.  The game is so massive, you can be sure that after the install your hard drive will be full of RAGE.  *RIMSHOT*  The good news is, Xbox 360 owners can install only the disc they are currently working on to save room.  RAGE is set in a hand-crafted world with some of the most gorgeous graphics we've ever seen, so the size requirements aren't a surprise.  If you're still stressing and have the means, then pick up RAGE for the PC and leave your worries at the door.  Prepare to blast some mutant face when RAGE hits shelves on October 4.

[via Destructoid]