Plenty of gamers have never paid attention to playbooks, but there are plenty of Mike Fratello-type micromanagers out there, too, and this year, Visual Concepts gives those folks unprecedented power.

You’ve always been able to customize your playbook, but Visual Concepts makes slight tweaks to the menu to make the entire process just a bit easier. Want to run a play that freed Dwight Howard up with your own big? You can look up the Magic playbook and move the play over to your own bag of tricks. GameFlow this is not, but it is simple and easy, and quite addictive to use.

Another subtle change: Instead of choosing position-specific plays, you now get to choose player-specific plays. It’s another little touch for the hardcore, but like the custom playbook tweaks, this makes the whole idea of NBA playbooks a little more fun to use.

And hey, with no NBA season sucking your time, why not spend a few extra hours building your perfect custom offense?