The NBA 2K series debuted its My Player mode in NBA 2K10, and it just never worked. Yeah, yeah, the idea of guiding a player from NBA Draft to retirement seemed sweet, but in practice it was a yawner. You started with journeyman stats in the NBDL and had to waste 40, maybe 50 hours of your real life to merely transform your virtual self into an average NBAer.

Three iterations later, Visual Concepts is finally repairing the mode – and spicing things up with a few new wrinkles. We only spent about an hour playing the new My Player, but our created character was actually drafted into the first round, and he started his career with the Phoenix Suns.

Visual Concepts attempts to draw you into something more than mere game after game, too, adding more off-the-court RPG elements. Before you get drafted, you’ll play in a rookie showcase. You’ll pique the curiosity of a handful of teams after that, and spend a few minutes answering some text-based interview questions with GMs.

And after that? We started actually started our career coming off the Suns bench, which was much much better than toiling away in the NBDL despite getting picked in the first round.