You’ve seen NBA players dive into the stands to chase loose balls before. And in NBA 2K12, you’ll see the same thing. Players can now interact with the first row of the crowd, leaping over the scorer’s table if they hustle to close to the sideline.

Does that mean you can relive Ron Artest’s fracas at the Palace in Detroit? No, but it is just one example of NBA 2K12’s new visual coat of polish. This has always been a good-looking game, but Visual Concepts took care of little details this year. Players move with a greater sense of weight this year, and Dirk Nowitzki’s ugly fadeaway jumper has never looked so, well, ugly.

For the most part, facial mapping is also better, too. Sure, we caught a few nasty ones – is that Chris Paul or a Gremlin? – but overall, the game looks more realistic than ever.