Michael Jordan got his own mode in NBA 2K11, and while it wasn’t always much fun to hog the ball and take every shot to accomplish the game’s goals, the nostalgia factor tickled anyone who knew a thing about hoops.

This year, Visual Concepts is doing things one better, bringing Jordan back with a host of greats – Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Julius Erving among them – in a new NBA’s Greatest mode.

It’s nostalgia at its finest. NBA 2K12 does everything possible to painstakingly recreate each era as accurately as possible, so John Havlicek of the 1960s Celtics dribbles with little regard for protecting the ball, and the Logo himself, Jerry West, jacks long-distance shots despite playing in the pre-three-point era.

Even the broadcast presentation for each era has been recreated. When the Bill Russell-era Celtics faced the Lakers in our demo, we played the entire game in black-and-white, and even the audio had a decades-old raspy quality to it.

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