Despite playing tons of games, it's rare to come across a story that feels genuine. However, the Darkness did it for us, and even to this day has one of the most emotional stories in gaming. From what we’ve seen of The Darkness II, keeping that feeling has been a priority -- or, at least, that's what we're told. It's hard to get a good sense of a story’s true nature during a brief demo on a convention floor.

The demo was actually a few different parts of the game cut up into short segments, which we assume was to avoid story-heavy sections of the game. At the beginning, the player awakes screaming in pain as giant nails are hammered into their hands in a crucifixion. A mixture of blue and black smoke is coming out of the player and being absorbed into a lantern-looking object. The person doing the hammering seems to know about the player’s special ability to harness the Darkness and wants him to surrender it.

From here, the scene changes to a first-person view of the player walking through a very formal restaurant. Everyone seems to know him and he acts as if he owns the place. He probably does. At that point, a van crashes in through the side of the building and the player is injured. They must then shoot ambushing enemies while a friend carries them to safety. The player eventually unleashes the Darkness and takes down entire groups of enemies while using car doors as shields and light posts as javelins. The demo closes with the player being returned to the crucifix. Based on the imagery we saw, it seems clear that the developers aren't going to shy away from graphic content.

We're told that The Darkness II is meant to be a deeper game, with an actual story that features elements that are often disregarded. We hope that it's true, and every time that we sit down with The Darkness II, we do feel as though the story is shaping up to be something different and refreshing. We will have to wait and see to be sure though, so look for The Darkness II coming in 2012.