These days when someone asks about the best-looking game, the response usually includes Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and along with that comes the notion that it's "almost like watching a movie.” This is very true; the Uncharted franchise is one of the most overtly cinematic in all of gaming. Not only has this been good for sales, but also as a benchmark to make the industry strive to be something more. In the short bit of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception that we were shown at PAX Prime last week, this goal has carried over to every area of development. 

In typical Uncharted fashion, we come upon main character Nathan Drake breaking into an enemy-controlled airstrip accompanied by one of his many globetrotting lady friends, in this case a blonde television reporter Elena Fisher. Drake tells her to get in a Jeep and leave, but as soon she leaves, he's spotted and comes under a storm of enemy fire. He runs through explosion after explosion, spouting wisecracks the whole time through. The cargo plane that he needed leaves, and it looks like our protagonist is out of luck until Elena comes back in the Jeep and they drive off after the plane. Drake steps on to the jeep's hood and jumps to the plane's landing gear.

This is where it gets crazy. After a small rest break, he encounters a large bad guy straight out of Indiana Jones. The two trade punches until one of them opens the cargo hatch, taking everything out the back of the plane. Hanging on to the cargo wrapping on a SUV that's dangling out of the plane’s rear, Drake shoots and climbs his way back on to the plane, just in time to blow an explosive barrel and rip the entire ship apart, ending the demo.

Naughty Dog certainly has some high expectations to live up to after the high praise of Among Thieves, but what they've done with Drake’s Deception is on a whole new level compared to what's been passing for action games lately.