In the past, Madcatz has been known for making second-tier products, but they've turned their product line around and are making some pretty cool gear.

Madcatz partnered with Microsoft for its line of co-branded Tritton and Microsoft wireless headphones. There are three tiers of headset, but we're focusing on the top-of-the-line headset: the Warhead 7.1 for this preview.

Aside from the true wireless 7.1-surround sound, the headset is the only wireless headset that doesn’t need an annoying cable between the headset and the Xbox 360 controller. Even better, it doesn’t communicate with the controller at all. Instead, it exchanges signal directly with the console for uncompressed audio with better quality. The headset utilizes 5.8Ghz wireless technology which means clear surround sound at a further distance than typical 2.8Ghz sets. 

We found this headset to be the best we've spent copious amounts of time with. The Warhead 7.1 has features that fans have been asking for and more; as if it was made with the intention of being the very best in every department. Price hasn’t been announced yet, but stay tuned as we approach the fall release.