With the release of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld in March of this year, we weren’t expecting to see many games released for the original DS, aside from the occasional Imagine title or latest Madden release. Alien: Infestation is not only coming out on the DS, but is looking quite good.

The game is built on the “Metroid-vania” style of gameplay with Alien dressings and lore. (An important thing to note is the difference between Alien and Aliens-- there's a big difference in gameplay and setting depending on if the 's' is present.)

Alien: Infestation was originally supposed to be a companion to the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, but when Gearbox Software took the game in a different direction, Sega knew that Infestation was good enough to stand on its own.

Infestation impresses with its beautifully animated, 2D art style. The action is a bit simple, but fits the game well. Players control a member of the Space Marines featured in the films. When one member is “cocooned” by a xenomorph, the player must take control of another character to rescue the first before the alien egg hatches, killing the soldier.

What we played of Alien: Infestation seemed competent and had some of the best animation that we have seen in a 2D platformer. It comes out in a matter of weeks, so be sure to check it out when it hits!