We attended PAX Prime in Seattle last month, and came away with several interviews, previews, and even an awesome cosplayer gallery for you to feast your eyes on. But what's this gigantic community gaming event (over 70,000 attendees) like for non-media folk? Well, there's lots of waiting on lines, panels to sit in on, games to play, and parties to hit up.

But you don't want to just read about it. You want to watch your very own Complex Video Game Editor (hi, I'm Tina) and Senior Editor at Got Game, Blake Morse, make total dorks of ourselves in this ridiculously silly series of comedy sketches put together to show you just what convention life is like.

BONUS: If you want one of the Assassin's Creed avatar outfit codes we held up in the swag skit, we have a bunch to give away.

Just tweet something about this video with a link to this post (don't forget to add a mention to @ComplexVG at the end of your tweet so we see it) and we'll randomly select winners to give codes out to. You know, something like, "This video is friggin' awesome. http://cmplx.it/qFwokc cc: @ComplexVG."