Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, has been enjoying a storied solo career in addition to his presence in Animal Collective, a group skilled at delivering experimental electronic music inside an accessible pop package. His most recent album, this year’s Tomboy, steps away from the reverb-drenched loop symphonies of 2007’s Person Pitch in favor of … reverb-drenched songs. Produced by Pete Kember, aka Sonic Boom of legendary, pre-shoegaze British group Spacemen 3, Tomboy focuses more on harmonic chordal changes while still coating Lennox’s vocals with layers of echo. The (relatively) stripped-down approach, which contrasts with Animal Collective’s dense forests of gurgling, churning swirls of synths and samples, makes for one of the year’s sleeper albums — one that doesn’t smack you in the head immediately, but keeps you coming back with hooks that resurface in your mind days later.

Get tickets to this show while they are still available, as this Brooklyn venue is a gem of a place to see a concert.

Panda Bear
Sunday, October 2
8 p.m.

Brooklyn Masonic Temple
317 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn