WHERE: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
WHEN: September 9, 2011

About 10 minutes before my set, this is what I was looking at from the DJ booth. Incredible energy following Umphrey's McGee on their fourth sold-out night at BK Bowl. I'd personally never seen these guys before, but they were beating the shit outta these kids, for sure. They rocked a few covers of the Who, and many other classic-rock tunes, all done very well, plus their own original material. They had two gigantic tour buses outside, and about 500 pairs of soaked panties within 100 feet of the front of stage. Problem for me was that they blew the place out so bad, I was playing to their roadies packing up all their equipment on the dancefloor instead of a dancefloor afterward, LOL. Note to self: It ain't always sweet, but cash is king and contracts are your friend. One love, BK Bowl! Here's to the next episode!