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While most people find yesterday’s video of cops daggering the shit out of some dancers during the West Indian Day Parade hilarious, the NYPD isn’t laughing quite as hard. Or at all.

According to the New York Post, “the officers’ graphic dance moves are being investigated”. Why the internal investigation? Well, nine people were shot and two were killed in the vicinity of the parade route. However, as noted by the Village Voice, nothing suggests that these cops could have prevented the shootings, or were even remotely close to them.

The video may not exactly be good press for the NYPD, but these cops shouldn’t have to fall on their swords (or daggers) for their actions. This is far from the worst thing the NYPD has been associated with.

Still, it’s kind of amusing to see cops take part in the fun, just like in Superbad. You know you’ve been to- or at least heard of-one party where the cops showed up, and then were spotted 15 minutes later with red cups in their hands.

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