In 2010, Kevin Tancharoen mistakenly released a short-film based on the Mortal Kombat to the public on YouTube.  The film was supposed to be a pitch to Warner Bros. executives, but it didn't matter as Mortal Kombat: Rebirth garnered so much attention, that Mr. Tancharoen was enlisted to create a nine episode web series.  The Mortal Kombat: Legacy series ran earlier this year and its popularity hasn't gone unnoticed.  New Line president, Toby Emmerich, has enlisted Tancharoen to direct a new feature-length film stating, "The new game and the online shorts prompted us to consider a reboot of a brand we hadn’t been actively thinking about."  Tancharoen said the new movie—which is targeting a 2013 release—will take the over-the-top franchise and approach it from a more realistic angle, which is similar to the tone of his original short-film.  What is unknown is if any of the characters from the web series will be reprising their roles.  Our fingers are crossed for more Jeri Ryan!

[via LA Times]