In what may be the greatest social media fail in recent memory, Netlix's just launched DVD-only company, Qwikisterhas already killed its Twitter credibility. Rather than taking the networking service by storm, the company has qwikly (I know, we're clever) went up in a cloud of illegal smoke.

The company's would-be Twitter handle has already been claimed by what appears to be a tail-chasing, foul-mouthed stoner, whose icon is of Sesame Street's Elmo puffing a joint (what else?). Also not surprsingly, almost every one of Qwikister's (aka Jason Castillo's) tweets are of the NSFW variety:

Who better to have as your fledgling company's role model than a misogynistic stoner with the munchies? Oh yeah, that's right, just about anyone else! We want to cut Netflix some slack for this social media gaffe, we can't help but feel like it's payback for getting greedy and charging loyal customers double for their services. Karma, perhaps? 

[via Wired]

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