Months ago, Netflix raised their prices, much to the chagrin of the online community. Now, in their ongoing effort to maximize profits, Netflix has enforced a limit on movies that users can stream at once.

Previously, any account could be streaming multiple movies simultaneously, so one film could be playing on a PS3, while another was streaming to a laptop in the next room. Under the new rules, that can’t happen, as Netflix allows only one movie to be streaming to an account at any time.   

The website Stop the Cap reported that this limit was actually always Netflix policy, but that they have only begun enforcing it since September 1. If there is a bright side to the news, the limit appears to apply only to movies, so a device can be streaming a television show while another device streams a movie. 

Regardless, now I’ll never fulfill my dream of simultaneously watching Exit Wounds and Belly 2. Thanks a lot, Netflix.

[via CNN via Mashable]