Horror fans rejoice! According to Deadline, MTV might have an interest in picking up the rights to the canceled Fox show Locke & Key after their programming chief, David Janollari, got a hold of the pilot. The show was canceled before the pilot even aired, but the mystery and anticipation behind Locke & Key has already turned it into a sort of cult phenomenon.

Keep in mind, though, MTV has not yet gotten in touch with the producers, nor have they made any real moves toward acquiring the show. And there is certainly still the matter of the show’s high budget, which is the reason why SyFy dropped out of the running to pursue the rights. As evident with shows like The Walking Dead, high budgets can be very prohibitive for basic cable networks which already get lower ratings and second-rate advertising money as it is.

But for now, fans of the IDW comic book series, which is written by Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, can at least look at this news as somewhat positive because the show is gaining momentum and interest from studios, despite never having an episode air.

[via Deadline