Madden Battle At The Complex Offices

Last night, a team of rappers and editors got together to compete in Madden 12 here at the Complex offices. There were DJs, food, drinks, and smack talking going on all around. Battles were waged and lost until a final winner was determined. 

Our line-up was solid, but we had formidable opponents going up against us under the On Smash, Hip Hop DX, and Nah Right teams. 

In the first round of Madden, Hip Hop DX editor Jake Paine (Buccaneers) took the lead against Ace Hood (Steelers). A loss for Team Complex, but we were still holding it down with our own Complex editor, Justin Monroe (Cowboys), after his win against DyMe-A-DuZiN (Eagles).

Meanwhile, Action Bronson (Bears) suited up against Freeway (Jets) and returned victorious just in time to verse Maffew Ragazino (Patriots) after his win against On Smash editor, Hof (Chiefs). Lord Jamar (Cults) made his way through Nah Right editor Eskay (Saints) to go up against Gilbere Forté (Falcons) after his win against Team Complex's Double O (Giants). After Complex's teammate Asher Roth (Ravens) won against A.G. (Packers), it turned into the second round of players facing off in Madden.

Asher kept up the wins against Jake Paine, and quickly took the next battle against Action Bronson while Gilbere Forté beat out Lord Jamar. In a shocking turn of events, Justin lost to Troy Ave (Chargers) after Troy beat Tek (Texans). It was left up to Troy and Gilbere to duke it out for the winning title.

After several rounds of beers, lots of cheering and shit-talking, and plenty of snacks and food to go around, Troy Ave arose as the victor in our Madden Battle. Not only does he get to take home the bragging rights while he's celebrating the release of his new album, he'll also be sporting the custom designed championship ring that Gabriel Urist made specifically for the battle.

We know you wish you could've been there, and lucky for you we'll soon have video feed of the event courtesy of Levi Maestro. Stay tuned for the video, and in the meantime feel free to strike up your own Madden 12 battles as the game is on store shelves now.