WHERE: Props, Le Poisson Rouge, New York
WHEN: August 24, 2011

Listening back to yourself on tape is akin to watching game tape as an athlete. When you win, you hear about everything you did well, with a few little things to work on to make the next game even better. When you lose, your coach replays the part of the tape where you fucked up, over and over and over in order to drive home the fact that you know better than to make the mistake that lost your team the game. I've always applied that attitude to listening to my recordings. I've gone through a zillion different methods and machines to this end to date, and by far I am most happy with using the FiRe application on my iPad. DJing is one time when it's certain that I have no use for the iPad, until now. It has become a reliable and very simple means to capture my performances on digital tape, preserve my history, analyze my weak points on any given night, find gemstone moments to share with the public, and build my live recordings archive. Newsflash, DJs: We make history. We deserve to preserve and enjoy it for years to come. Record your sets more, and thank me later.