This past week was one of my most "local" weeks of 2011, moving around between Philly and New York City. I was scheduled to rock with Bilal and a few others at Mezzanine in San Francisco Saturday, but Hurricane Irene put the kibosh on that. Stank bitch. All flights leaving the East Coast were cancelled indefinitely about 14 hours before I was scheduled to fly. I truly hate missing gigs and having travel issues, but when mother nature speaks up like that, it's always better to be safe than sorry, and stay your ass home. Most lose when braving the elements and fighting God unnecessarily.

With that, I took the moment in stride and focused on family, home, and prepping for Deep Space at Cielo, where I was sitting in for the incredible Francois K all night this past Monday. I love sitting in for other DJs on their bread and butter nights. The challenge of maintaining people's attention when their hero is away is an art I take great pride in dealing with. When you couple that with sitting in for one of the most important DJs in dance culture, the pressure rises, and pressure makes diamonds. Happy to have walked out of there shiny. Read up for more August road trip fakery. Salute.

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