Ever since a teen-aged Ms. Britney Spears seductively crooned "baby" while dressed as a catholic school girl, we've had dirty thoughts about her admired her vast talent. Over the years, Spears has released single after single and struggled through a bevy of blunders in her personal life, but one thing has remained unchanged: her ability to entice us (we mean, our ears) with a single word: bay-bay.

Some Spears fan with two much time on their hands and a thing for Brit's husky pronunciation of the perennial pet name has created something we never knew we wanted (and in fact, still are unsure we need): a mega-mix of every time Spears has ever uttered the word baby or crazy over her entire 12 year career, in chronological order.

We can make no promises that you will leave this clip with blood-free ears, or resist the pressing urge to run into the street maniacally screaming "NO MORE BABY!", but we can ensure that you will never again hear the two syllable word and not imagine it coming out of Britney's famously pouty lips. 

...you can thank us later. Or never, whichever.

[via Huff Post]