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In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County, a limo driver named Fred Busby claims that he was sent by the company he works for to pick up Nail Files star and celebrity manicurist Katie Cazorla and drive her to the airport.

According to TMZ, when Busby arrived, he was greeted by Cazorla and her reality tv crew, who were filming for the show though he never consented his approval to appear on it. During the ride, he began to feel his blood sugar levels dropping, a sure sign that he was going into diabetic shock, and, he claims, the last thing he heard before falling unconscious was a passenger screaming, "Is this guy drunk?"

Now, Busby is filing suit saying that when he came to, he was asked if footage from the incident could be used on the TV Network reality show, a request he said that he denied. But, he claims, the show aired it anyway and, furthermore, made it appear as if he were drunk.

He's asking for damages and part of the show's profit, as well as demanding that the episode be barred from airing ever again.

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