Address84 Stanton St. (Between Orchard & Allen St.)
Best Bet: Meatball Smash ($8)

Some people might think that devoting an entire restaurant to a ball of ground beef is a little excessive, but those people have never experienced the ecstacy that is The Meatball Shop. Also, those people are dumb.

The Meatball Shop is a lively, well-appointed shrine to the simplest staple of Italian food, and we couldn't be happier such a place exists. Why? Because not only does TMS turn out the tastiest balls of meat imaginable, they do it at a price that not only has us wishing, but able, to eat here every night of the week. 

The best ways to ball out here is hand down, with the Meatball Smash ($8) Not to be confused with a Snookie's smush, the smash is just what it advertises: a juicy meatball, smashed between soft brioche bread toppped with your choice of meat, cheese, and sauce, served with a light and tasty argula salad. Naked balls ($7) are also a good way to go: the sauce and meat are cusomizable, but go for the spicy pork topped with the family jewels ($1), a fried, over-easy egg that elevates any ball exponentially.

There is a drawback: the secret has slipped about this place, so waits can sometimes be hours deep. Our advice? Use the time to put a few brews back and work up a fierce appetite for meatball destruction.