Address113 Ludlow St. (between Delancey & Rivington St.)
Best Bet: Arroz Valenciana ($12.50)

Kuma Inn is one of those uniquely New York joints that you have to hear about to find. Its non-existent storefront is just a narrow doorway sandwiched between two shops, and the only indication of an entrance is the red spray paint on the doorway's trim. But beyond the doorway, at the top of a (slightly sketchy) stairwell, is the home of an amazing Flilipino tapas spot that is as cozy as it is delicious.

Don't be fooled by the tapas title Kuma Inn deceptively claims. The rations they serve up are far from meager, with "small plates" like their Arroz Valenciana ($12.50) heaping with moist, slightly sweet saffron rice and gluttonous amounts of chicken, sausage, shrimp, and mussels, or their hefty plate of signature sautéed Chinese sausage ($11.50) swimming in an aggressively zesty Thai chili.

Also a solid choice are Kuma's combos, which come with a mountain of white or garlic fried rice and your choice of creative proteins, like deep fried pork belly lechon or drunken shrimp, and flavors as big as their portions, all for under $12.

To add to this awesomeness, Kuma Inn is a BYOB spot, which means you can also drink for just as cheap as you can eat, if that's what your thirsty little heart desires. And just a heads up, cash is king at Kuma, so hit up the ATM in advance.