Address: 192 Orchard St. (Between Houston & Stanton St.)
Best Bet: BBQ Ribs ($11)

Georgia is on our mind, and we're not talkin' the Dirty South that Luda crooned about. We're talking about the damn-good, dirt-cheap Southern specialities that Georgia's Eastside BBQ churns out. 

Even in a city where you have over a dozen quality BBQ options, Georgia easily climbs to the top of the fried chicken and cornbread heap. And it's not just because it's dumb cheap, it's because it's dumb delicious. 

Georgia's makes the best case known to man for the existance of cole slaw. After taking down the most ungodly amount of the moist, BBQ laden pulled pork that can fit on a bun ($8) or a wide platter of heavily shellacked, succulent ribs (and two sides, $11) the tangy, cool mayo goodness of Georgia's slaw was the ideal offset to the savory overload going down on your taste-buds.

And Georgia's accompaniments? Far from a mere side-piece, these gems are lust-worthy all on their own. Can't misses include the perfectly charred cornbread, with just enough butter to make your stomach sing but your arteries not cry out in fear, and their crispy homemade fries. Also, classy beers like PBR and Miller High Life are only $3 (those count as sides, right?)

Georgia's digs are a little cozy (read: small and narrow) and there may not be a credit card machine or a bathroom on premise (the spot across the street, The Sixth Ward, is cool with you using theirs), but her shortcomings will fade away when the first drop of her famous BBQ sauce touches your tongue. Believe that.