Address253 Broome St. (between Ludlow & Orchard St.)
Best Bet: Enchiladas Verdes ($13)

Barrio Chino literally translates to "Chinese hood," which explains why this close-to-Chinatown Mexican joint is decked out in Asian decor. Identity crisis aside, Barrio Chino's unique space is small, but their narrow kitchen turns out some of the most awesomely authentic eats at prices that won't set you back, which is why there's crowd of people waiting to eat here almost every night of the week.

Barrio sets itself apart from first bite, with three ultra fresh, zesty salsas and thick, homemade tortilla chips, but resist taking back the entire basket. Save room for the Tacos al Pastor ($9): juicy, full-flavored pork with a citrusy pineapple cilantro salsa. If you're looking to put down, Enchiladas Verdes ($13) do tomatillo right, and are topped with enough fresh black beans and queso fresco to leave even the most epic appetite fulfilled.

Barrio packs a lot of bodies in between their exposed brick walls, but eat here once and you'll know exactly why. If you're deterred by the wait, use it as an excuse to come back for brunch and take down some of the best Chilaquiles ($12) in the city.