Let's be real: While movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) might be the breadwinner, E's (Kevin Connolly) the voice of reason, and Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara is the king of kush on executive producer Mark Wahlberg's semi-autobiographical HBO hit Entourage, it's surprisingly the crew's washed-up elder, Johnny Drama (played by Kevin Dillon), that serves as the show's moral backbone.

Well, maybe not, but allow us to rephrase. Over the past seven years, the C-list actor has taught us a thing or two about persistence, facing more rejection than the rest of his buddies (and probably the rest of the town) combined. However, despite the string of doors closed in his face, mishaps with women, and bursted bubbles of every variety, the guy forges on, refusing to let the industry keep him down.

And if there was any doubt about the character's greatness, Dillon, who's no stranger to sharing genes with another celebrity (he's the brother of Matt Dillon), has been honored for his portrayal of Drama with Emmy and Golden Globe nods, at times stealing Jeremy "Ari Gold" Piven's thunder as Entourage's greatest character.

Before the series finale airs this Sunday night, check out our list of Johnny Drama's 13 Funniest Moments On Entourage, and experience all kinds of victory.

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