The cast of Jersey Shore isn't exactly known for their healthy relationships, but that doesn't mean they don't support them.

The new website CheaterVille—which allows scorned lovers to post pictures and profiles of those who have cheated on them in the past in an effort to create a "directory" for the infidelity-prone—has recently gotten some support from MTV and the cast-plus-Angelina Pivarnick.

"I think that if you cheat, you should be dumped for it and you should be abused," Angelina said of the site ("abused," Angelina, really?). "Karma is a bitch and I can't wait to post cheaters on the site."

The site, which was founded by a former marine (no kidding) has apparently been performing well since its partnership with MTV. "If we can get cast members of Jersey Shore to realize that cheating is wrong and voice their opinions against it, I know this world will become a better place and their fans are already echoing some Jersey Shore cast members viewpoints on cheating," said founder, James McGibney.

[Via PR Newswire]