Nearly four months after launching its Facebook competitor, Google+, the search giant has taken its social network out of Beta and made it available to the public. That's right: if keeping up with your friends on Twitter and Facebook proved too limiting an exercise, you can now try your hand at yet another social network. At least there are hot girls using it now.

For those of you making the switch, Google has added a couple new features to keep you occupied like: Hangouts, which are like mini chat rooms where you can video chat with friends; better SMS support so users can post to Google+ via text message; as well as the renaming of the "Huddle" feature to "Messenger" which brings with it photo sharing. Head over to Google's Blog to peep all the new features. 

If you want to sign up for Google+, go to the Google+ website and have at it. 

[Google via Fast Company]

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