In Drive, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn's fantastically ferocious new action drama starring Ryan Gosling as a quiet, lone wolf Hollywood stunt driver and getaway wheelman who gets caught up in a heist gone wrong, a couple things stand out: The first is the sociopathically savage violence, which the man known only as "The Driver" inflicts upon gangsters who threaten the cute neighbor (Carey Mulligan) he's fallen in love with, as well as her young son, and the second is his satin scorpion racing jacket (seen above in all its glory).

The inclusion of the badass outerwear, which he continues to sport around L.A. even after it's soiled with blood and brain matter from one of the most brutal beatings in film history, is easily one of the best costume decisions of the new millenium. When Driver explodes in violence, the scorpion seems to almost pulsate on his back. In celebration of the triumph that is Drive, FilmDistrict has teamed with Complex to give away a replica of the satin scorpion racing jacket that Gosling wore in the film (it will be sized to the winner of the contest).

How To Win The Satin Scorpion Jacket Worn By Ryan Gosling In Drive:

1. Follow @ComplexMag and tweet: RT @ComplexMag Win The Satin Scorpion Jacket Worn By Ryan Gosling In "Drive"

2. Leave a comment in this post with your jacket size, your Twitter handle, and your wildest driving story.

That's it. The craziest story wins. The contest is running for two weeks. We'll direct message the winner. Good luck!

You can watch the Drive trailer below and find additional clips on YouTube. Also, be sure to check out the official Drive Facebook page, as well as the awesome retro '80s pop soundtrack, and follow FilmDistrict on Twitter for updates on Drive and other great films!

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