Even though Epic Games' Gears of War 3 is just over a week old, that isn't stopping people from eagerly anticipating more. For those who have already played the full single-player campaign (no spoilers here), then you know that there are several characters that help move along the story. Now, according to Gears 3's director Cliff Bleszinski, there will be more in the form of a new DLC. Equally surprising is the fact that it will not feature our favorite COGs Marcus, Dom, Cole, or Baird.

Bleszinski stated that the main character for this new DLC would be Michael Barrick, a character taken from the graphic novels Gears of War: Hallow and Gears of War: Harper's Story (pictured above). CliffyB confirmed that the DLC would be an original story, and not a retelling of the graphic novels, but we can also expect it to not be for the free.

If you're already guffawing at the $45 worth of weapon skin DLC being offered in XBLA or the $75 worth of DLC content offered before the game was even out, then you know that you better have your accounts in order when this new DLC drops. No word yet on when it will be available, or what it may contain, but it's expected to be the first of several add-ons for the game. Get your change up, kiddos!

[via Game Informer]